Wine Club

Thank you for your interest in the Wine Time Wine Club!

The idea behind our wine club is to offer you the greatest flexibility. We only hold 2 pick- up parties per year: Spring (February/March) and Fall (August/September). You get to taste all the wines available for sale and you decide which wines and the quantity: 4, 6 or 12 bottles. If you wish to purchase after the pick-up party, you can select any wines and any quantity at your pick-up party discount. For example, at the Spring pick up party, you select 6 bottles. Then throughout the Spring and Summer, you can purchase additional bottle(s) at your 6-bottle discount. 

The chart below summarizes the Wine Time Wine Club program. 

To sign up, email: [email protected]


Wine Time Wine Club

WINE CLUB OPTIONS  Bottles Times/Year Total
4 bottles 2 Times Per Year:   20% off  (Approx. $110 + Tax)  4 2 8
6 bottles 2 Times Per Year:   25% off (Approx. $160 + Tax) 6 2 12
12 bottles 2 Times per year:  Special Pricing with average $20 per bottle (Approx. $240 + Tax)  12 2 24
The Clubs include: 2 complementary tastings per event Invitations to Winemaker events including wine making activities Special Offers Each release can be customized by quantity and varietals Two pick-up parties per year: August/September and February/March Additional purchases at your current level program Access to try Wildwood Oak Library Wines